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// drums 


I didn't give the designer my bio either so she made it up. I play drums. I like music, long walks on the beach with my wife Robin and anything by Barry Manilow.


// bass guitar


I didn't give my bio to the designer so... I'm Jay and I play bass. I love superheroes, dressing up my small dog and playing Dungeons & Dragons.


// lead & pedal steel guitars & background vocals


I love playing guitar and adding new sounds to our music through voice or pedal steel. This band gives me the freedom to be creative. 



// vocals & guitar


I'm a lifelong musician & love Cash's music. I am inspired by all kinds of music - The Beatles, Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, you name it, I'll listen to it! When I'm not playing music, I'm creating in my workshop or home with my family... where there's always music playing. 

Folsom, the Johnny Cash tribute band, hailing from Aquidneck Island, RI, consists of local artists striving to pay homage to Johnny Cash's music while highlighting the influence his music has made on modern country music. Their up-tempo songs and contagious enthusiasm will get you on the dance floor. Come listen to all the classic Cash songs as well as Cash-inspired renditions of some old and new country songs. Hope to see y'all soon! Check us out in Newport This Week

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